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Outdoor group training for mums who want to get strong, feel fit and have fun doing so. Come meet other local mums and bring your kids!


All sessions are at Petrie Park, Montmorency, with an indoor location when wet.

We welcome all mums of all fitness levels, including pre and post natal clients. First session is FREE so what have you got to lose!


"Thanks for providing me with a way to workout and keep fit that also involves my kids, allows me to have a laugh and network with other mums too!"

"Charlotte, thanks for all the effort you go to in making sure that your training sessions are adapted for each of us. It takes a lot of patience and thinking on your feet to manage all the health needs of new mums, not to mention our crazy kid!"

"Charlotte has kept me consistently coming to training - a gym couldn't provide that"

"Solmamas, an ever expanding business that is bringing together women and empowering them to see that they can play the role of mum but also focus on themselves. Thanks for always believing in my ability and pushing me to the next level"

"Fun. Challenging. Social. Fresh air and activity for the kids!"


Charlotte Hay

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